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Charging and Remission Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy 2016


1. The school will invite parents to make a voluntary contribution for certain activities during school time. Children gain much from relevant first-hand experiences and the benefits are enormous. It is necessary to ask for voluntary contributions if the activity is to take place. There is no obligation on parents to contribute and pupils will not be treated differently if they decline. However, the Governing Body and Headteacher wish to make it clear that, unless contributions are forthcoming, the activity may have to be cancelled. Where there are genuine circumstances of financial hardship, please contact the Headteacher.

2. The school will continue to charge for activities outside school hours. If there is a special case for full or partial remission of any charges, this should be referred to the Headteacher.

3. Parents may be asked to provide ingredients or materials for articles produced in school for consumption or use.

4. Parents will be charged for any lost reading or library books.

5. Parents may be charged for any breakages and damage which occur as a direct result of their child's negligence or misbehaviour.