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Year Two

Carrington Infant School in line with current Government policy undertakes continual teacher assessment of Year 2 pupils and testing in May.

The results for the 2017 assessments for the academic year 2016 – 2017 are below. 

2016 was a challenging year with the introduction of new standards and assessments causing a dip in results that has been proactively addressed by the Leadership team, governors and staff.

There has been a significant rise in results in 2017 due to the hard work and commitment of the staff.

Carrington Infant School historically achieves above the national results and the school is well placed to achieve this again. Please see the school development plan section of the website to see how the school is continuing to improve. The school governors and leaders are determined to ensure that the children achieve as well as they can and that the school is constantly striving to improve.


Carrington Infant School Key Stage 1 teacher assessment results

% pupils achieving Level 2 or above

Results from end of KS1


School % 2017

% in brackets Greater depth

% without 5 ECHP

School % 2016

% in brackets greater depth

National 2017

% in brackets

Greater depth


68% (30%)


58% (32%)

76% (25%)


57% (5%)


26% (5%)

68% (16%)


65% (13%)


29% (0%)

75% (21%)




Year One Phonic Results

Children take a phonic test in June in Year One. They read a range of made up words that test their phonic knowledge.


2015 2016 2017 National 2017
76% 83% 77%  81%


There has been a revision on phonics teaching over the year to ensure that the school continues to make progress - see school development plan.


End of EYFS results Good Level of Development


Assessments are carried out through observations towards the end of Reception. To achieve a good level of development, a child has to reach the expected level in Personal, Social and Emotional Development,  Communication and Language and Physical Development as well as in Reading, Writing, Number, Shape, Space and Measures.




matched pupils at end of KS1 2017

Now in Year 3



matched pupils in 2017 now in Year 2

68.3% 61.3%  68.3%  67.2% 70.5% School
         71% National