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School Development Plan





Key Issue One


Leadership and Management

· Ensure leadership and management at all levels have a secure understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school so they can plan effectively for school improvement with a significant impact on achievement in the school

· To ensure that the school fully meets the requirements of the good or better Ofsted grading for leadership and management


This means we are developing:


· Developing leadership at all levels including governors, Senior Leadership Team, Middle Leadership Team and early leaders to impact on progress

· Improving assessment and data analysis especially of vulnerable groups

· Effective Pupil progress meetings that impact on attainment and progress

· In school systems including SEN, performance management and monitoring to impact on standards

· Better evaluation of school performance and action planning

· The strength of the staff team and improving morale

Key Issue Two

Improve results at the end of Key Stage one so they are in line with the local authority average or above for all children and disadvantaged children

This means we are developing:

· Ensuring high quality first teaching including improving planning, differentiation including for the more able and growth mindsets

· Reviewing the curriculum so it meets national requirements and is up to date and creative

· Review provision in writing and reading to ensure we meet high standards

· Planning effectively for phonics so children can make even better progress

· Review of maths to ensure teaching is as good as it can be including developing mastery

· Improving the impact of interventions especially for disadvantaged children

· Holding teachers to account for their data




Improving results at the end of EYFS for all children with a particular focus on disadvantaged children.


EYFS are working on similar areas as KS1 but have their own development points;


This means that we are developing;

· Ensure that there is always a constant focus on high quality first teaching

· Improve the ratio of child initiated learning through CPD impacting on progress

· updating the environment and systems so children can make excellent progress

· ensuring that teachers use TAs effectively to impact on attainment and progress