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Coping with Coronavirus


Dear All,


There is no denying that this is a very challenging time for us all. The school and its staff have coped brilliantly over the last few days and I am really appreciative of the staff's calmness and professionalism. They sparkle as much as your lovely children.


Your children have been marvels too coping with the hand washing and keeping big smiles on their faces.


Thank you for your support over the last few days. This has been brilliant and helped to make a difficult situation better.


We are not yet certain what is going to happen although things are moving fast and I am sure we will get more information very soon.


Going forward

Communication:  The school's email/App will be regularly monitored and responded to as necessary and Mrs Morrisson's personal work email can be used for safeguarding purposes  rmorrisson1@buckgfl.org.uk


Work for the children

1. Go to the children button on the website

2. The first cherry has loads of links with work. I have tried to make a combination of work that is a mixture of covering the basics and creative ideas to take you virtually out of your environment as we may be indoors a lot.

3. The year group pages have grids of work to be completed. Work will be added as we go along. These grids are also going to be given out to children in school if they are still in school.

4. The children will have more reading books and some library books.



There will be regular updates on the website.  I will be writing quick regular letters to keep in touch that will be on the news tab.


Stay safe, follow the guidelines and look after each other.


We will get through this and then we will have a great big party!!!!!!


Best wishes


Mrs Morrisson