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Free School Meals during COVID-19

During this national emergency, many families will be possibly struggling. If you are now claiming certain benefits, then your child may be entitled to Free School Meals. 

Please contact the school through the office office@carrington-inf.bucks.sch.uk or rmorrisson1@bucksgfl.org.uk if you believe you would now qualify or if you feel your family is in need.


We will email you a form that will need completing, which should be able to be done on line.  This should be sent back to the office by email who will carry out checks. We do have a Word copy should this not work for you.


As we are in the midst of a crisis, with life changing all the time, things may not run smoothly. Mrs Morrisson can use her discretion to decide on a case by case basis should you not quite qualify but are in need. She would need evidence. She would expect a telephone conversation with you about the situation as well as a written email detailing the issues. Extra vouchers are limited. We would not be able to do this under normal working arrangements but life is challenging at the moment. 


We initially decided to opt to give vouchers from Tesco that could be delivered by email as an e-voucher. We will be providing further vouchers over Easter (please note this change) and beyond through the government scheme. This does rely on parents monitoring their emails and taking action as requested. We will also phone if we have not heard from any parent of a child already entitled to Free School Meals.  Please be aware that the voucher system is quite complex and it takes the office some time to organise especially as the on-line portals are so busy.  There will be further  updates for parents as this system beds in.

Some schools, where their lunch provider could offer a continued service, were encouraged to keep using them as this would support their business however this was not possible for us.