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Learning Challenge 2018

Dear Everyone,
The learning challenges for the whole of the Autumn term are published under Newsletters. Learning challenges are completely voluntary but are a bit of extra creative work that you can do with your child to stretch their imagination and knowledge of the world. The challenges fit to the assembly themes of the week and to activities in school but can be done at any time and you can take as long as you like to complete them. I know that everyone gets busy!
One of the aims is to encourage the children away from their IPADs if they have them and also to give time for you to work together on something as talk is so important.
We will have a celebration at the end of each term for the children who have done the most challenges.  This year I will be making the celebration a bit like a graduation event as I was talking about universities this morning in assembly. The children were very excited by the idea of the University of Carrington Infants!
The first challenge is to decorate a shoe box with a harvest theme and to write a short poem or a card to an older person to go in the box. The box should be sent back to school with a name on it with some non perishable goods that can be given to some older people in the community.
There will be copies in the entrance of the school from Tuesday and the grid will be put on the website soon too so you can always access it.