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Closure and safeguarding

Buckinghamshire Family Information Service and Information/Advice during Coronavirus


We know that this may be a very stressful time for families given changing employment, financial issues and also dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. There may also be relationship problems; for example we know through the news that there has been a rise in domestic violence and we want everyone to be able to access support as necessary in a quick fashion.


As already stated, we are here to help but The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service website has a really user friendly wealth of advice on it, ranging from financial advice to parenting support with on line classes as well as the number for Wycombe Women's Aid to get support for people suffering from domestic violence. The home page of their website has lots of buttons down the side linking directly to issues related to Coronavirus. Do go on it! I know you will find it helpful.




Mrs Morrisson





Other Information

The school will keep in touch with you as we do not want you to feel on your own. We will be getting in touch with families regularly over our closure either by email or phoning. Sometimes you will see caller ID hidden as we are phoning from home and we need to keep our own numbers private.


If you have a problem please email




This is Mrs Morrisson's personal work email. She will respond as quickly as possible. She will ring if needed.


Our office email will still be open and will be responded to.


Mrs Morrisson, Mrs Cooper  and Mrs Barron are our safeguarding leads during the Coronavirus period and will still be responding to any needs.


If your family has a social worker or is working with Family Support, then they will still be working with you as normal although a lot of the work may be done remotely and of course if there is illness then there may be some changes. The school will also continue to be in touch with professionals.


We will always do whatever we can to support you.


We know that it will be a tricky time but we will get through this together,