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Rainbow Class

Welcome to the ARP!


ARP stands for Additional Resourced Provision 

We are also known as Rainbow Class.



Welcome back, Rainbow Class!

We have started a new school year! 


(2019-2020 below)

Sport Relief! We dressed in sporty mufti clothing and gave donations to the charity! We have been very active!

Story Scenes in a Box! At home some children made scenes in boxes for different stories! Mrs Morrisson came to visit us to see the boxes!

EGGS HATCHING INTO CHICKS! The Happy Chick company delivered eggs for us to watch hatch into chicks. We really enjoyed visiting the chicks and observing them change as they grow! We were brave and stroked the chicks when they were strong enough! They have very soft feathers! They are getting bigger and bigger and are ready to live on the farm!

WORLD BOOK DAY! Do you like our costumes?

PANCAKE DAY! On Shrove Tuesday some people prepare for Lent. We tried some pancakes with different toppings!

Number Day 2020! We wore clothing with numbers on for a donation to charity. We took part in lots of number themed activities! We worked together to problem solve during a special themed Maths lesson 'Measure Me' !

We have been using different equipment to develop our Maths skills. We have been counting forwards and backwards. We found one more and one less.

We celebrated getting all 10 Class Merits with a special class tea party! We took turns, used Kind Hands, Kind Words and offered food to others.


It is now 2020!

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? 

Decorating for Christmas!

Fancy Dress Celebration. October 2019 We chose costumes to wear! We decorated pumpkins and biscuits!

We are Shape Detectives

Academic Year 2018-2019 below



It is now 2019!

What are your wishes and targets for this year? 

OUR CLASS ADVENT CALENDAR! Each day in December we will open one of the doors of our advent calendar! We drew special pictures and we will use a Christmas Makaton sign each day.

ODD SOCKS! We are wearing odd socks in support of Children In Need! Thank you for all your donations!

We met Pudsey Bear! We are raising money for Children in Need and we were lucky to get a visit from Pudsey!

Celebrations! We enjoyed learning about different celebrations including Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance and Halloween.

We love Forest School! We found different natural objects for each colour!

Fruit Kebabs. We described the fruit using our senses then followed instructions to cut the fruit and make our our own fruit kebabs!

We compared objects using the balance scales

Tea Party! We used kind words and shared the tea party items. We also shared our party with the cuddly toys. We enjoyed real biscuits!

Rainbow Class ARP staff!




Mrs Colston (formerly Miss Baverstock) is the class teacher who works with Mrs McIntyre and Mrs La Vine in the mornings. Mrs La Vine helps in EYFS. In the afternoon, Mrs Merefield or Mrs Christy also help us. Dee is a SALT therapist who visits on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons. Ashleigh Rolle is an OT who visits once a term. 

The ARP Team

Frequently Asked Questions by parents visiting the ARP  


How many children are there in the ARP? 


We are a 6 place ARP. Sometimes we have been asked by Buckinghamshire County Council to include an additional child. Additional adult support is put in place; to ensure that this additional placement does not impact on the support levels for the children.


How many staff do you have in the ARP? 


The ARP teacher is Mrs Colston. Mrs Cooper also teaches in the ARP for one morning a week. We have lots of support staff, some of whom work part time and others who work full time:  Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Christy, Mrs LaVine, Mrs West and Mrs Cyster. Several of our team work as specialist lunch time support assistants throughout lunchtimes.


What Speech and Language Therapy support do the children receive?

Dee Snudden is our  SaLT. She works with  us on a Tuesday all day and Wednesday afternoon. She works with the children individually and in small groups. We follow up the work she does with the children throughout the week, using a co-ordinated and consistent approach to developing the communication skills of each pupil. 


What level of Occupational Therapy support do the children receive?


Our OT is called Ashleigh Rolle. She visits us on a regular basis, approximately once a term and gives us ideas about how we can best meet the needs of our pupils. We undertake daily sensory, fine and gross motor activities with the children. These are different depending on the specific needs of the individual child. After lunchtime each day, an adult models a key skill and the children take their busy bags to their work stations and complete the tasks there. We have a sensory tray which the children are encouraged to explore. This is filled with many different things such as: shaving foam, sand, mud, fake snow and leaves, to name but a few.  


How do you decide when the children will be included in the mainstream classes and how often they will be included in mainstream lessons? 


Each child's inclusion timetable is decided on an individual basis. We try to ensure they are supported by the same adult, for the same lesson each week. They are always supported by a member of the ARP staff. Sometimes that member of staff may work with other children in the class to encourage independence skills and social interaction with peers. 


How will I know what my child has done each day, as my child finds it hard to communicate with me about what has happened during the school day?


Each day the child completes a home school diary. The child is asked to circle the activities they have completed. They are then asked to place a sticker next to the activity they have enjoyed the most. The adults will indicate what the child has done well in their comments section at the bottom of the page.


Year 2 Play Pirates vs Mermaids

I am a crocodile in the play.
Snap Snap!
The play is about mermaids and pirates!
We had great fun singing the songs.
Everyone clapped loudly and said well done!
We all took a bow at the end.

Thomley Hall visit July 2018

The sensory room was great!
We changed the colours of the fibre optic lights!
I loved playing with the toys in the sensory room
We could change the lights using a piano
Here it is!
The fibre optic lights were amazing
I found a Disney toy.
Look at the size of this teddy
There was a hammock  in there!
There were rooms full of toys too!
There is a fantastic sand pit at Thomley Hall
The slides and fort were fun but hot!
We all enjoyed the trampoline

Wow moments

I visited my new school.
My new classroom.
Here I am at my new school.
I am exercising with my new teacher.
Here we are with Ashleigh the OT.
John Johnny came in for International Week.
Sports Day success!
I can run very fast.
Acting out our text maps in English.
A happy friends photo!

International Week in June 2018

We found out about an artist called Paul Klee.
We learnt about Germany.
We used tissue paper for our picture.
We made cages to trap the witch.
Great team work!
Here we are drawing like Paul Klee.
We learnt about the story Hansel and Gretel.
I am taking the gingerbread to bake.
We made Gingerbread houses.
Great concentration!
We all worked together to improve our cages.
I am making my house.
It was tricky to make them stand up!

Junk workshop with musical instruments June 2018

A special junk music man came to see us.
We played the drums.
These instruments are made from car parts!
I really had a good time!
I made my own guitar from a cardboard box.
We performed together.
We are playing instruments made  from junk!
It was very loud!
We were all very brave.
I am hitting the pipes drum.
We performed together.
Everyone took their turn.

Circle time with Dee

We all sit in a circle.
Everyone takes their turn
Some of the parents came to watch today.
I love circle time with Dee!
Lots of big smiles.
We are filling up the bottle.
We all have a turn.
I am looking very carefully.
My turn.
I am using one hand.
We made a mixture together.
We are learning about prepositions too.

Computing and Technology skills Summer Term 2018

We programmed each other.
We became robots.
Then we practised programming the Beebots.
We tried to reach the treasure.
We have to remember to wipe the program.
We had fun watching the Beebot!
We also used the communicators.
Can you hear me?
I like the animal colouring program!

Carrington Infant School Staff

A Day in the Life of Rainbow Class

We hang our coats on our pegs
We put our reading books in our yellow boxes
I am doing my super challenge
I like to work standing up
We do our early morning work folders
We have maths after playtime
I like to say good morning in French
We say good morning to everybody
Sometimes we learn with our mainstream class.
We eat our lunch in the dining hall
We say good afternoon when we come in from lunch
We work with Dee our speech therapist
Here we are doing PE with Diamond Class.
At the end of the day we often listen to a story.
Then we collect our things and line up.
Here we are ready to go home.

Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle June 2018

We went to Windsor Castle.
We had fun with our group.
Here is Windsor Castle.
We walked all around the castle.
The chapel where the roal couple were married
You are not allowed to take photos inside.
Look at the amazing windows.
\we had a great day!

Our quiet room has a new tent!

Our new quiet room tent
We like playing in the tent.
There are nine glow in the dark toys to play with.
We have big smiles when we play in here.
We often choose to play in here.
I like the cushions and the glow toys.
This is a fun place.
We also bring soft toys in too.

Royal Wedding Celebration May 17th 2018

Here is Rev. Margot leading the wedding.
We watched the wedding in assembly.
Will they kiss we wondered?
We all made crowns.
We had a special celebration lunch.
The whole school ate at the same time.
Then we made red, white and blue biscuits.
Thanks Mrs Mac!
Excellent sharing and waiting everybody.

Summer Fun

We can play on the field.
On Thursdays we play with ARP buddies.
We can play in the fun house.
Its great fun when the sun shines.
My buddy is playing chase with me.
Here we are withour play buddies.
I can slide down the pole!
We ride bikes or scooters every day!
I am scooting.
I am becoming more confident on the bike.
Here I come.
Balancing on the bike.
Pedalling my bike!
I am whizzing along on my bike.

Fractions in Maths

Breakfast maths
We  shared cheerios.
We found halves of amounts.
One for me and one for you!
We could eat our breakfast maths!
Lots of fractions fun!
I do good maths!
Careful sharing.
Careful counting.
Great concenrtration this week!
Well done, I found half of a number.
Finding quarters with cake!
Battenberg and chocolate cake too!

Our parents come and visit

Our parents saw us in mainstream classes
Sitting on the carpet.
Working at our tables.
 Thanks for coming to see us!

Easter Bonnet Parade

Wow what an amazing hat!
I like the eggs on my hat!
I did great cutting out of Easter shapes!
I like carrots, thats why I put some on my hat.
We are parading in the hall because it was raining
We showed the whole school our amazing hats.
I am doing actions to the bunny song.

Measuring at the cafe March 2018

We found objects that were shorter than our rulers
We measured the length of objects
We found lots of different objects to measure.
We shared equipment.
We enjoyed our measuring trip to the cafe.
My ruler is shorter than my chair.
We also measured  our cups and biscuits.

Sports Relief March 2018

I am balancing a ball on my bat!
I liked running around with the other children.
We had lots of fun today!
'We are doing star jumps!'
'I was doing sports.'
I love the soft rainbow ball
I am doing bat and ball
I have a smiley face.
We were balancing the ball on the bat.
I love the red bat.
I put three bean bags on my head.
I am jumping over the skipping rope.
I am jumping high into the air.
Mrs Mac is skipping with me!
I was skipping. I was jumping over it.
The dancers were absolutely wicked
Year 2 performers showed us their moves!
They were lovely.
We danced! It was awesome!
Well done everybody.

Jack and the Beanstalk Part One

Still image for this video

Jack and the Beanstalk Part Two.mp4

Still image for this video

Measurement Maths - March 2018

We started using a ruler.
We measured how tall our block towers were.
We compared our towers.
We made 10 cm worms.
We checked them carefully.
We made long worms and short worms.
I was measuring with two rulers.
We made 20 cm worms.
We are measuring the worm.
My worm was 90centimetres long.
I made a fossil. An ammonite.
We created our own height chart!
Who is the tallest?
The cupcake is taller than my ruler!
The ruler is shorter than the door.

World Book Day March 2018

Some of us brought in books with our characters
We turned into Iron Man, Gecko and Foxy.
 Power Rangers, Paw Patrol characters
Mrs Mac and Mrs LaVine became Thing 1 and 2!
Mrs Cooper became Cat in the Hat!

Our Classroom

Our lining up footprints
Two workstations and our choosing drawers
Our group table
Our lining up chart
Our early morning boxes
Our toilet area
Our toilet area

WOW moments 2018

I am eating a packed lunch for the first time.
I am eating lots of pasta.
I used to have my food through a tube.
I am amazing at eating.
Everyone is very proud of me.
Well done!

Rainbow class

We have all made rainbows for our class door.

Rainbow Class love their Computing lessons

Early Years pupils learning Phonics
We like the Interactive White Board
We learnt to use the smart pads last half term
Mrs Mac is being taught how to turn them on
Mrs Mac is learning how to open the gallery
Mrs Mac is learning how to hold them carefully
We made videos using instructions skills
This is how programs are created
We had a chef, a cameraman, and a robot

Maths in the ARP

We are learning about place value
We are using tens frames
We are using numicon
We are becoming more confident each day
What number is this?
We are learning to work independently.
When we get to 10 we get a sticker.
We use blocks as well

Valentine's Day mix up morning in Rainbow Class

Mrs LaVine helped children make their envelopes
The children designed their cards in small groups
Excellent cutting skills
Great concentration
Great team work
All the classes were mixed up for the morning
We went to assembly to show what we had made
I am proud of my card
We showed everybody what we had done
We all went off to different classes today.
Look at our amazing work
We worked with our friends today
We think our parents will love our cards

Christmas Activities Ho Ho Ho!

Forest School Campfire December 14th
Well done Mrs Mac! A great fire!
I  added a pine cone.
I helped the fire by adding a dry stick.
I added a pine cone
I helped the fire burn brightly.
Well done.
We all ate our snowman biscuits around the fire.
I brought along my stick book!
 We made our own fire!
Well done!
I was brave and said, 'I can do it!'
Setting fire to cotton.
I  had a turn too.
Mrs Mac made sure the fire was out before we left.
I went to look at our special tree
Well done,  you were a great shepherd
I helped my friend feel more confident.
Wriggly Nativity
We look fab in our costumes.
Thanks Mrs Mac for helping us!
I am signing Twinkle, Twinkle beautifully.
We  were wonderful angels
We went to the post box.
We posted our letters to Santa.
I  posted mine carefully.
I  like to wear the special vest when we go out
Well done
I reach up to post my letter.
I watched my letter carefully.
I posted my letter quickly.
We went to the shop and bought presents
We went to the cafe, after buying presents.
Everyone gave their order to the waiter.
He placed the drinks order with staff
The vicar showed us his nativity Russian doll.
Everyone thought it was great.
We were a bit surprised by the donkey!

Our Parents came visit to Forest School December 2017

Mrs Mac told a great story about stinky sprouts!
Me and my  mum
Me with my mum
My nanny came to forest school.
Working with Mrs LaVine, finding bugs.
Me and my mummy making mud soup.
Me and my nanny in the kitchen
 'Cooking' dinner
Exploring with mummy.
Climbing on the logs.
Working together.
Thank you for helping to tidy up.

BaubleWorkshop November 2017

We are really concentrating well!
We chose blue!
They worked together very well.
Everyone was busy painting.
Working with Mrs Lavine creating a bauble.
I worked independently on my bauble.
Great attention to detail!
I was very happy during the workshop.
I love art.
Excellent concentration.

Outdoor Week October 2017

We loved the broomsticks in our outdoor area.
We created a new digging area
We planted a rainbow garden
We helped plant bulbs.
We found some tulip bulbs
Mrs Mac helped the children with the planting.
Concentrating hard planting bulbs.
We had fun planting.
We  worked together.
We had a rest after the planting

Harvest Festival October 3rd 2017

We had our concentration tools to help us listen.
We did excellent waiting at the start!
We sang Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
Do you like our hats?
We also learnt the actions!
Mrs Mac and Mrs Cooper helped us.
Then we listened to Rev. Margot
And then the mummies came to play with us.
Here is Claire playing Crocodiles.

Maths 2017 - 8

We are using numicon in our lessons.
We are learning to order numerals to 10.
We all play maths games on Fridays.
topmarks.co.uk website. Why don't you visit too?
Sorting using sorting mats
Learning to recognise and order numicon
Showing numbers in different ways

WOW moments this year 2017 -18

I used my used my sentence strips independently!
I saw a frog, drew it and talked about it
Amazing cutting skills!
Using scissors without help!
O. completed the summer book challenge.
We helped pack away. Very kind!
H. became our massage teacher for the day.
Thank you, he did a fantastic job!

Having our photographs taken on a Monday Morning, we all coped very well with the change.

We all lined up very sensibly.
Here is the photographer. He was kind and helpful.
Our teachers were very proud of how well we coped.

John Johnny dance workshop 2017 September

Here is John Johnny, saying hello.
I really like dancing. I was happy.
The last person wins. Johnny is finding the winner
L. won the race!
Watching and listening carefully.
Happy  dancing.
John Johnny telling us about the competition.
We enjoyed the workshop.
H. showing us how it is done!
L. entered the competition.

Forest School visit September 2017

We took Jazz to Forest School.
Jazz helped put the sign on our evergreen tree.
Jazz helped put the sign on our deciduous tree.
Jazz likes the mud kitchen.

Teddy Bear's Picnic with our Year 1 friends

Our teddies helped us with our morning work
Fox is helping O. order his numbers.
We went into the hall.
Here is Miss Baverstock offering food to us
Eating picnic food.
We like eating apples.
We like eating carrots.
Dancing time
Playing games with Fox.
We did lots of dancing.
Night night everybody.
Playing Sleeping Teddies.

Here is a copy of a typical page from our Home School Communication Book

Sports Day

Well done!
Our Reception children  ran really quickly!
Excellent obstacle course racing.
Year 1 sack race
Good team work

Fun in the sun Summer 2017

The climbing frame
Exploring the climbing area.
On the balance bikes



Christmas 2016

We wore our Christmas outfits!
Ben is playing with fake snow.
Oliver is exploring cloud dough.
Oliver and Holly at the party.
Oliver dancing.
Ben having a rest after lots of dancing!
Father Christmas came to see us.
Oliver watches Father Christmas in his Santa outfi