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Sensory Circuits

Sensory Circuits uses sensory-based movement activities that help children and young people to achieve the ‘just right’ level of alertness they need to prepare themelves for the day’s learning. The circuits are based on the theory and principles of Sensory Integration.


They are made up of around 10-15 minutes of activities to help with sensory regulation.


The aim of setting up a sensory circuit is to provide a way for children and young people to regularly receive a controlled sensory input. They can be done with a small group of children at the start of the school day or after lunch break.


A Sensory Circuit includes three sections: Alerting, Organising and Calming. The idea is to start with Alerting activities then move to the Organising section and finally to the Calming section. It’s important to do the activities in this order to have a positive effect. The activities should be done regularly to help prepare children for the day’s learning and achieve optimum level of alertness.


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