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  • Celebrating Diversity

    Thu 26 Jan 2023

    A huge thank you to parent Mr Buckley who came to our assembly today. We invited Mr Buckley to talk to the children about being a wheelchair user. Mr Buckley spoke about the choices we have in life and how choices have consequences. He also said that despite being in a wheelchair, he is able to do many things. For example, Mr Buckley participated in 26.2 mile - wheelchair marathon!

    The children all showed Respect and asked very insightful questions.

    Mr Buckley and his daughter are pictured here as well as Mrs Bodington (EDI Governor) and Mrs Vincent (EDI Lead).

  • Chinese New Year 2023

    Mon 23 Jan 2023

    The children across the school joined in Dragon Dancing to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

  • Celebrating Diversity with Nurse Toby Crutchley

    Thu 12 Jan 2023

    We welcomed parent Toby Crutchley to assembly today. Mr Crutchley is a nurse and he is also deaf. The assembly was a good way to celebrate Diversity and Respect. 

  • Spring Term Value: Respect

    Fri 16 Dec 2022
  • Advent Kindness Countdown to Christmas

    Thu 01 Dec 2022
  • Sparkling Skipping

    Wed 30 Nov 2022

    On Tuesday 29th November we welcomed Dan The Skipping Man into school. Wonderful skipping workshops certainly got the heart beating!


  • Odd Socks Day

    Thu 17 Nov 2022

    We supported Anti-Bullying week by all wearing odd socks on Monday 14th November. 

    Different is good and different is interesting. 

  • Pupil Voice

    Sun 16 Oct 2022

    Listening to our pupils and giving them opportunities to share their views is vital to the success of our school! This term we talked to them about settling in to school, phonics and other aspects of school life. Here are some of the things they told us about Phonics and the start of term. 


    Phonics voice Autumn 2022 


    Reception children


    What is phonics?  

    You have to do your letters. It makes you read and very smart when you grow up. 

    It's when you get to learn letters. 


    How does phonics help us? 


    It helps you read. 

    It helps you write. 


    How do teachers teach phonics?  

    We use our ears to hear sounds the teachers tell us.  

    The teachers go our turn, your turn, in and out. It is funny.  


    How can we make phonics lessons better for you?  


    More games like shuffle time. 


    What is shuffle time?  

    It is a game where she shuffles the cards. Miss Doyle when we do shuffle time the new sound we are learning always ends up at the front. It is very funny.  


    KS1 children 


    What is phonics?  

    When we learn new sounds. 

    It's fun we learn new sounds to sound out.  

    It’s when we sound out and blend.  


    How does phonics help us?  

    It helps us to read. 

    By sounding out we can learn to read.  

    To learn to read actual story books. 

    To read small words. 


    How do teachers make phonics fun for you?  

    Bingo games. 

    By covering up words and we guess sounds by looking carefully. 

    They play games you have to find a word, you read it, they hide it then you find it. 

    They mix things up. I know another word for mix, amalgamate.  


    How could we make phonics lessons better at Carrington Infant School?  

    Add more time so we can write down more.  

    Add more games 

    More sounds to learn, make it trickier so we learn more.  

    Longer words  

    Throw word cards to children in the class and see if they can catch them. 

    Add art to phonics so we draw. 

    Add maths to phonics so we have numbers and number words in phonics. 

    Add science words to phonics. 



    Dana asked me why do we call it phonics?  


    I explained phonics is short for phonology which means sounds. Phonics = teaching sounds. We teach reading through sounds and that’s why it is called phonics.  


    Pupil voice about starting school in September



    Reception children 


    How did you feel about starting big school?  


    ‘Excited, happy and good.’  



    I like crafting. The adults are happy and smiley. I like dancing, I love all the toys here.’ 


    How could we make your start here at Carrington even better?  

    ‘More time to run and more time to eat our lunch.’ 



    KS1 children 

    How did you feel about coming back to Carrington School after the summer holidays? Why?  


    ‘Excited, because of Forest School. ‘ 

    Nervous, I haven’t seen my friends for a while and they might not be friends with me anymore.’ 


     ‘Sad because I had to leave my mummy at home.’ 

    ‘Happy because I was going to see my friend Jax.’  

    Great because I wanted to see my friends.’  


    What would have helped you feel more confident about coming back to school?  


    ‘Going for a walk around the playground before the start of term.’  

    ‘More stuff on the playground on the first day.’ 

     ‘A long play in the playground before the whistle on the first day.’ 

    ‘Having a special fun activity day on the first day of school. ‘ 


    Do you feel safe at Carrington Infant School?  


    7out of the 8 children said they felt safe. The child who said he didn’t feel safe couldn’t articulate why he felt this way. 


    How can we make you feel safer at Carrington Infant School?  


    ‘More assemblies about bullies.’ 

    ‘Remind us of safety rules.’  

    ‘More fire practices.’



    The children were overwhelmingly positive about the start of term.  They happily discussed the positive elements of the school. One boy talked about feeling sad but his friends all helped him feel better as soon as he got to school.  


    Staff have seen the majority of children happily running into school with smiles on their faces in the first two weeks of term.  


    We will reflect on the comments regarding the children being able to come into the school playground to familiarize themselves with the school environment before the start of the school year.

  • Prospective Parent Tours

    Mon 26 Sep 2022

    This Autumn many prospective parents chose to come and visit us. Several of our Year 2 children talked to the visitors about how their school sparkles and shines. They said that Carrington Infant School sparkles because, ‘We get to go to Forest School every week, we run and play with our friends and solve maths problems by working out our thinking on our desks, using whiteboard pens!’ They also spoke about how proud they feel when their fantastic pieces of writing get chosen to go into The Hard to Get Into Books, which are displayed throughout the school. 


    The prospective parents visited both our Reception classes. During their tour they saw that the children were all focused and having fun. Some pupils were exploring at the writing table, while others were racing around on their scooters. A typical morning in the lives of Ruby and Opal Classes. 


    The parents also visited Forest School and our KS1 classes. The parents were very impressed with the focused learning they saw, our impressive facilities such as the Computing suite and how settled the children were. Especially considering they have only been in their new classrooms for a couple of weeks. 


    A very positive morning. Thank you to all the parents who came to visit Carrington Infant School this term.

  • Eid Assembly

    Mon 18 Jul 2022

    Mrs Akhtar came in to school to share information about the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha with us. She brought in a prayer mat and several children demonstrated how to use it. Mrs Cliffe brought in dates for the whole school to try. Some of us really liked this new food. We loved the wonderful outfits several children wore to school, they were stunningly beautiful. Thank you to Mrs Akhtar and our Muslim community within the school for helping us broaden our understanding of the celebrations that are special to our Carrington community.

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