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Head teacher message


I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Carrington Infant School. My name is Mrs Rebecca Morrisson and I am the Head Teacher of Carrington Infant School.


This is me and our journey

This is my second permanent headship although I have also helped and supported other schools who have needed assitance either as an interim head or when a school needed some short term help. I have been a head teacher since 2006 and I love my busy, rewarding job. We have come a long way in three years. There was a severe dip in results in 2016 which needed addressing.  We have worked really hard together to improve the school and our recent highly positive OFSTED reflects this. Our Reading results at the end of Year 2 have risen from 58% to 75%, our writing from 26% to 66% and our Maths from 29% to 75% over the three years since I took up my position.  Credit has to be given to my brilliant staff who have worked tirelessly, as well at my great team of governors, the children themselves and their parents who have supported them .


A privilege and a culture of real, context based earning

It is an absolute privilege to lead young children, our precious gems through their earliest stages in their education, watching them blossom into independent children who are ready for the next stage of learning. They are so curious at this stage with every day brings a new experience or discovery. Nurture is important to us so that everyone feels welcomed, protected, comfortable with their anxieties contained. Real learning is vital so we do like trips out such at to Beaconsfield Pizza Express to make pizzas or Windsor Castle.


Growing over the years

A world outside the home - Reception

The children come to us out of nursery and pre-schools still as very young learners. They are only just four in some cases which is tiny but we expect a lot! They learn developmentally from their own starting points through structured play and small groups as they begin to experience some more formal learning in the right way for them.

Here I am now! -Year One

Children in Year One build on their learning in Reception. Work becomes a bit more formal as they settle into their school life. They become confident in their setting and they are like sponges. The children change so much in this year and are ready for more challenges. They are known to us now and make so much progress in this year.  There is still a place for practical, outside learning and concrete activities are vital.

Ready to fly!

They leave us as confident, well mannered individuals who have made great strides in their learning. They have lots of responsibilities that make them great little citizens. We do not have a Year Six, so they have to take on a myriad of responsibilities. It is not unusual for example for a Year Two child to be operating the computer in assembly changing between three programs confidently or helping out in the lunch room. We regularly have more able groups as well as focus groups for children who need more support either because they have special needs or need a little encouragement. All is carried out with a sense of fun and positivity.


Our passion to do our best for each child
I am absolutely passionate about learning especially for young children and  enjoy developing each child to their fullest potential whilst engaging with the parents and carers of the child as much as we can. You will find stay and play events and family reading and activity sessions as well as some short training sessions for parents about key issues such as phonics.  Every child is known to us and we aim to cater for their individual needs as much as we can both academically or more holistically. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school both for the children and parents. We do have a specialism of ASD but we are also dedicated to ensuring our more able flourish and can become even deeper thinkers.


I am very ambitious for the school. Our recent report states;


"You and your team are very ambitious for Carrington Infants, ensuring that every pupil is well supported to achieve their best."


They also said that


Pupils learn in a vibrant, calm and caring environment



Our plans for the future

There is more to do however. In 2019-20, we will be continuing to focus on ensuring that as many children as possible achieve expected or more at the end of Year Two regardless of their background.  We made good progress in reading in 2018-19 and we want to embed this. We also need to work further improving our writing. We use Talk4write as our main strategy which encourages language development which will be further embedded alongside a focus on the development of vocabulary. Having a fantastic vocabulary is the basis of excellent literacy. I cannot stress how important it is to read lots of stories with your child or how important it is to limit the use of a tablet.


I am so proud of my school, the team that works in it and the achievements of the pupils. Please do come along and see our wonderful school!  Just contact the school for an individual visit. Your child might be able to have a drop in session too and next year we are holding monthly songs and story sessions for our future children as well as to serve the community.


Come and see us! You are always welcome! Come and have a cup of tea and get to know us!


And if you are already part of us and you have a good idea about developing the school, please do come in to share your thinking or if you just need a little chat, we will always try and make time to catch up with you.


I hope to see you very soon!


Mrs Rebecca Morrisson



More information about Carrington Infant School


Our special features

The school has an additional resource provision for six children with social and communication needs. It also specialises in outdoor learning, providing an enriched curriculum for the more able, , behavioural support, nurture and inclusive practice. 


Community Links including with the Junior School


Making great links with the community is vital for our school as an infant school. We visit the nurseries of all children joining us, have home visits for new families and carryout projects with the local pre-schools so there is continuity of provision. 


We are also developing better links with the Junior School all the time. We are two separate schools but we strongly believe that we have to have consistency between our settings so that the children can continue to flourish. 


Some example of joint working are; 

  • Identical assessment tracking systems 
  • The same colour handed reading scheme with all children on levels so there are no free readers but children who are being continually stretched
  • The same maths scheme (White Rose Hub) that encourages deep mathematical thinking
  • The same spelling scheme to ensure good continuity
  • Transition visits by teachers and senior staff
  • Year Five and Year One Reading session 
  • Joint Parent Teacher Association 
  • Special Needs Co-ordinators constantly liaising 
  • Increasing joint parents meetings to support learning
  • A strategic committee of governors who look at developing even better links
  • Constant liaison between the two head teachers


Both schools have experienced head teachers with well developed plans to improve their schools together. 



We are a busy and friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have. You are welcome to pop in for a visit including with your child by appointment. We can arrange a taster session for you and your child. 


Look out out for the monthly story and singing sessions for potential new pupils and toddlers in the local area in September! 


Thank you for visiting!